President’s Speech
Mr Xiang-yang Chen Feishen Group President
Creating International Brand.Building A Century-year Feishen.

Since its establishment in 2000, our company has been adhering to the philosophy of self-innovation ; Aiming at the business goal of a Century-year enterprise; Following the business principle of ‘People-oriented, Technology-led’; Acting with honesty and win-win strategy in accordance with our corporation core value; Persisting in strengthening the core industries, implementing global brand strategy, and keeping pace with the time tide.

Constant efforts brings success. The kindness from our party and government, the support from community and society, the hardworking from our employees make us move steadily.

As an old saying goes, ‘The man of honor will strive constantly for self-improvement and social commitment’. Thus, the inclusive and ambitious employees of Feishen Group,dream bigger and work harder ,make the whole company go beyond the times.

Innovation, Sports, joy, and smart are the key words of Feishen Group. We listen to customers , the quality of product, provide better services to customer’s satisfaction. And we always keep in mind that ‘Your support is our motivation and your recognition will stimulate innovation’. Thus, we hope we can work together with partners and celebrate with them.

About Us

Feishen Group is a large modernized enterprise of integrating scientific research, production and selling vehicles like sports utility vehicle, medical rehabilitation vehicles and green new-energy vehicles.

The Group set up in 2000. Its factory covers an area of 300,000 square meters and fidxed assets is ¥1 billion RMB. The annual output is 2 million vehicles of 100 different types.

Our products sell well in Europe, the United States, Asian and etc, for over 50 countries and regions. Feishen Group has nearly a hundred patents and utility models. It is honored as National High-tech Enterprise, Provincial Model Company on Patent, Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province, Famous Export Brand of Zhejiang Province, Excellent Enterprise of Jinhua City, Top-100 taxpayer and AAA level Bank Credit Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Deputy Secretary of National Standards Committee of All-terrain vehicles , Vice President of China etiquette leisure industry association,Deputy Secretary of the  Recreational 

Vehicle Committee 

of China Automotive Industry Association, Deputy Secretary for a branch of China Road trips and Recreational Vehicle Association,  the member of Leisure Sports Association in Zhejiang Province.

Feishen Group is the largest export base and R&D center of recreation vehicle and medical rehabilitation vehicle. In addition, it is the under national level enterprises list for motorcycle production, national export base of transformation and upgrading for motorcycle, hardware science and technology innovation platform and research institution of new energy vehicle in Zhejiang Province.

Feishen Group has gone through decades, and it has leverage in sports & recreation industry, intelligent health care and new energy industry.

The group is focusing on new product promoted, internally and externally developed and making joint effort to achieve the ultimate goal.

It has development brand building, rich corporate culture, sound business management

,strong purchasing support, advanced producing equipment, thorough logistics system, broad marketing network ,professional customer services, and altogether forming a newly industry clustering with self-owned brand by Feishen Group which has been through a transition from a traditional manufacturing industry to a new energy industry and lead the future development as a high-tech enterprises.

The company regards "Technology Talents Efficient Innovation" as its business philosophy, in order to keep pace with the trend, promote technological innovation, commit to community services and establish a Century-year international brand —Feishen.

  • in2000

    Company established

  • 30 square meters

    Area of the factory site

  • 1.8 billion

    fidxed assets

  • 2 million

    Annual productivity

  • R & D And Sales Center In Hangzhou
  • Yongkang Manufacturing Plant
  • 2016
    In 2016 , the foundation stone was laid of the Intelligence new factory, which produces over 50,000 ATVs per year.
  • 2015 – The company has obtained the producing qualification of the recreational vehicle and the caravan of the company has entered into the market. The mass producing of the unmanned aerial vehicle began and and exported to Germany, president of the company, Mr. Chen Xiangyang received award as the “Leader of the power sport industry, Zhejiang Province”
  • 2014
    In 2014,the company has obtained the prize of the AA enterprise from china customs, and the working stations of the academicians was founded, and the company developed the over sea market with full efforts. We also gained prize of “Zhejiang Top Export Brand ”.
  • 2013 – Feishen Group has passed the review as the national high-tech enterprise, the culture of the enterprise like core value, goal was revised, the new R&D dpt. was founded.
  • 2012
    In 2012 , Aceme Electric Co, ltd was acquired by Feishen Group, and the aeromodelling was launched on market.
  • In 2011,the Yibao Tech. Co, ltd was founded and Feishen group held the motor-cross Championship in China. We cooperated with Dynamax in caravan project and participate in activities taken place in Indiana.
  • 2010
    2010 – The news paper “Feishen News” was published, the new work shop, which manufactures 200,000 elderly mobility scooters was completed, company became one of the top 500 manufacturer in China, and started the cooperation with the design & development institute of Zhejiang University.
  • 2009 –Feishen Group established, and started the cooperation with Delphi (Shanghai), developed the very first 2 in-line EFI 500 cc engine in China, and the company became the national high-tech enterprise.
  • 2008
    2008 – The productions of the company became the state inspection exemption product, the cooperation with PRDER US was started, the elderly mobility scooters department was founded, and the company was listed into the list of the 1st class of the power sport manufacturer of China.
  • 2007 – The fully-owned subsidiary of Feishen Group – Topso Tech. Co.,Ltd was founded, the mass producing of the elderly mobility scooters was started 。
  • 2006
    2006 – The car model division was founded after receiving the permission of MOFCOM, NDRC, Customs China and AQSIQ, the ATV export qualification obtained。
  • 2005 – The ATV dpt. Was founded, and the ATV project was launched. The regulations on the administration of the company was published and the complete financial system was built with help of the new ERP system.
  • 2004
    2004 – The company was upgraded to the “Zhejiang Feishen Vehicle Industry Co.,Ltd”, the producing qualification of ATV was permitted by government.
  • 2003 - Razor Co., ltd started purchasing, our productions have entered Walmart for the first time, and the Razor has also participated in the QC process.
  • 2002
    In 2002 the company developed the production line of electric and pneumatic scooters。
  • 2001 Based on technological innovation, the production of high-quality products, the company has made considerable progress, more specifications and models of cars are pouring intothe market.
  • 2000
    2000 Yongkang scooter entrepreneurial climax, Chen Xiangyang use his keen strategic vision to capture the opportunities of entrepreneurship, investment in the establishment of Yongkang Feishen Vehicle Industry Co.,Ltd.
Corporate Culture
  • Visoin

    Outstanding Brand

    Establishing an International Brand, Creating a Century Feishen

  • Destination

    Build a world class power sport enterprise, Become the first brand in the leisure sports car industry,Become the leader of the senile mobility scooter manufacturer,Be the exploiter of the Chinese caravan。

  • Value

    Client is our god, keep developing

    Human oriented, keep innovation

  • Core

    Honesty Practical Energy Efficiency

    Excellent cooperation of the teams, wonderful communications and high efficiency

    Strict principles, always be the best and make the best even better

    Our technical principle – apply the highest standard in the industry

    Our quality principle – Improving, improving, improving

  • Goal of the management
    Everything’s in order  Strict and high efficiency

The awards bear witness to the glory of the company, Feishen will always be with you.

Feishen Group gained many awards, such as Zhejiang Faithful Enterprises, Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprises, Zhejiang Top Brand, Zhejiang Famous Brand, Zhejiang Top Export Brand, Zhejiang AAA  Standard Enterprise, Customs senior certification enterprises, and High Quality Enterprise in Jinhua and Top 100 Tax Paying Enterprise in last 15 years.

Leaders’ Consideration
Chairman Xi Jinping who was the secretary of provincial party committee by that time inspected the Group
The secretary of provincial party committee of prov. Jiangsu, Li Qiang who was the governor by that time inspected the Group
Vice secretary of the central commission for discipline inspection Zhao Hongzhu who was the secretary of provincial party committee by that time inspected the Group
Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Zhang Dejiang who was the secretary of provincial party committee by that time inspected the Group.
The secretary of provincial party committee Xia Baolong inspected the Group
Team’s Mien
  • TROXUS研发团队
  • 公司领军人物2017新年茶话会
  • 同硕领军人物颁奖大会
  • 制造中心团队风采
  • 全地形车DUNE900亮相米兰展
  • 论语科技团队风采
Development Planning
  • Global collaborative innovation
    Topso Tech established by Feishen Group, covers an area of 26,600 square meters, has nearly 200 world-class high-sharp technical personnel. Mainly in the area of design for smart driving vehicles and smart intelligent hardware product, and also for development, manufacturing and marketing, meanwhile covers intelligent toys, medical equipment and many other products in the field of rehabilitation. The depth of cooperation with the United States, Europe, Australia and well-known companies and well-known universities both home and abroad, global technology collaborative innovation, original design internationalization and globalization. Topso has built the sports car design centers, research centers, laboratories and UAV engine and electronics laboratory, testing room, Also equipped with advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, improve the hardware and software facilities, to create for the public to provide quality solutions from idea to mass production process.
  • International Marketing
    Establishing an international marketing center, domestic marketing center and brand management center, Establishing Germany and the United States branch office for international marketing. under principle of co-sharing and mutual benefit, select quality agency partner for long-term relationship for international business. Regional agency, direct supply sales and Internet sales for domestic to build a stable platform. Developing a unified service framework, to ensure efficiency and consistency of domestic and foreign markets and services for dealers and users to provide efficient solutions.
  • Elaborating intelligent manufacturing
    Zhejiang Yongkang - manufacturing base covers an area of 30 million square meters, seven fine intelligent manufacturing plants, production and technical staff of more than 2,000 people, to meet the multi-category vehicle production, testing, Test, with ATV, RV, car model aircraft, electric stroller, scooter, balance vehicle, scooter, nearly a hundred kinds of model,with 2 million per year of manufacturing capacity. Equipped with advanced production equipments and testing equipments, full implementation of standardized management, with a complete system from production of assembly to product testing.
  • Wheeled
    Hangzhou Topso Tech (research and innovation workshop with the International Marketing Center) and Yongkang (manufacturing base) are the two wheels for developing of Feishen Group, the "wheel" with clear division, a high degree of coordination and close interaction. Joint force, opening a "wheeled"Feishen train with fast and smooth forward mode.