VILTA in 2017 VANS US Open of Surfing show

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On August 6, 2017, thousands of surfer fans gathered at Huntington Beach, Calif., to attend or watch the surfing open championships,

 which featured both a Women's Championship Tour stop and a Men's QS10,000 competition, as well Junior events earlier in the event




VILTA, which features ultra-high stability and two in one muti-funtion gimbal for GoPro Camera, had a show in this hot and intense 

competition. Handsome guys and pretty girls who hold VILTA, rolling, running, showing muscle and body, playing cool hip-hop, or fabulous

 surfing events, all recorded smoothly and stably with the VILTA.


Stable no matter how you move

vans us open4.jpg

Funny Face


vans us open6.jpg

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