10 years anniversary of the Provincial Sports&Leisure; Vehicle Association

Reading times:62016-03-01

Provinces and cities of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau come our company with Hui Dong and Yijing Zong, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Jacob Justin Miller and Liping Li , Embassy of United State officer to research the production and safety of E-scooter field.Qunyong lu, Vice mayor of Yongkang city conducted relevant department and Xiangyang Chen, the CEO of FEISHEN GROUP to welcome the research team.

 Mr Chen, the CEO of FEISHEN GROUP introduced the Company and the production and safety management practices of Electronic self-balancing scooters. Total 18 people from research team attended the meeting and visited the incoming inspection and products testing lab。

In the afternoon,Hui Dong ,General Administration of Quality Supervision gave suggestion to update products quality and safety management.Delegate of United State, brought up the safety accident investigation and certification requirements related to E-scooters ; Representatives of the company made discusses about UL2272 training and standard productions 。