Your First Flying Camera

The Miniwing A380 drone is an intelligent flying camera with four core subsystems: AutoPilot, Imaging, Propulsion and Intelligent Flight. These subsystems work seamlessly together, which provides an amazing flying experience. Miniwing’s AutoPilot system is ideal for first time users, who can easily and safely handle the drone by using our simple user friendly App. All you need to do is to focus on shooting your own amazing footage.

AutoPilot System

Miniwing’s sensors include GPS/GLONASS, Magnetometer, Barometer, Accelerometer, and 6-axis gyroscope. All work seamlessly with powerful micro processor and advanced flight control algorithms,

which allows entire system to respond quickly and accurately.

Let go of the control and the drone is able to hover in its place, awaiting your next command. Adjust the position or altitude in incredible detail, giving you sufficient time to frame up your shot.

One Key and Auto Return

Extremely easy, and perfect for beginners. Command AutoPilot to take off, land and return, using the One Key control buttons in the App. The One Press Auto-Head Reset function on the APP will help you straighten up the drone’s direction, and the drone will fly towards the selected destination.

The drone will activate a warning signal when it is low on power. If power is too low, the auto-return function automatically return the drone to its take-off location.

Imaging System
Integrated camera capable of capturing 12MP photos and up to 4K24fps video. The FOV 112°f/2.3lens captures any scene naturally and clearly within the frame. Light-weight 3-axis gimbal meaning amazing stability for the camera. The gimbal can instantly adjust its orientation using a built in gyroscope sensor. Steady transmission of VGA images to your device, using the Live-Preview function on the Miniwing App within a 500mrange over WiFi. Use the convenient Miniwing App to view, organize and share your work on social media.
Propulsion System
The motor has been custom designed to provide Miniwing with incredible responsiveness and advanced control. Each motor is extremely sensitive, input power can be changed almost instantly by micro-increments. The patented Dynamic Balancing Technology propeller technology also allows for a higher Aero-Dynamic Efficiency, leading to a longer flight time and quieter performance. The combination of Miniwing’s high-efficiency motor and patented propeller means it is able to achieve an impressive battery life, of up to 25 minutes on a single charge.
The Long-Life Battery uses a microprocessor to keep track of vital battery data and keeps you notified of not only the remaining battery percentage, but also calculates remaining charging times. The battery is designed with safety in mind, offering overcharge and temperature protection, automatic discharge, and Li-Po core equal charging.
Intelligent Flight
AutoPilot features fully Autonomous Smart Flight functions controlled directly from the App. Each Smart Flight can be customized for all scenarios.