A3 for fun ride,comes along with you
  • 100KG

    Maximal Weight

  • 16KM/H


  • <5H

    Charging Time

  • 15~20KM

    Mileage Range

  • 4.4AH250WH

    Battery Capacity


Two Color For Your Choice

Oled 7 -inch Display Screen

More mazzling, personalized led light with breath function renders better atmosphere

Shifting color of led lights through touch switch

  • Atmosphere Light:

    Cool ambience, click to toggle
  • Breath Light

  • Turn Singnal Light:

    Providing a signal to keep you safe

Multi-function usb interface,
charge anytime &anywhere

Access to apple, android phones and ipad, etc . portable electronic devices for your use

The center stand easy to use

No need to bend over, just kick-started it

Attached Samsung 18650 Batteries

The battery charge, using the Coulomb integral,

accurate collection of battery status even in the extreme weather or road conditions.

Customize & Switch Your Mode
  • Player Mode:

    Against speeding exceds 18km / h, the vehicle tends to tilt protection

  • Boost Mode

    Press the left side button to boost

  • Adaption Mode

    Press the right side & underneath button together to initial state

Five Safety Protection

We focus on the quality safety since the date back of the start. A3, verified multiple safety and accumulated meaningful data,makes self-balancing scooter much better than before.

  • 01limit-speed protection

    When the speed reaches 17KM / H, the front pedal gradually lifts up with the increasing speed, the Bluetooth speaker set off corresponding voice warn

  • 02low battery protection

    When the remaining power is less than 15%, four LED will flashmeanwhile the vehicle will automatically voice warning

  • 03roll protection

    When the body roll more than 45 degrees, the control system works to stop turning.

  • 04security protection

    When the remaining power is less than 15%, four LED will flash at the same time, the vehicle will automatically voice warning. Also roll protection worksto prevent youraccelerating speed.

  • 05core technology protection

    severaltechnical invention patents (appearance, motherboard basics ,appropriative motor, gyroscope, etc.).



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