Super power, enjoy boundless passion in the smooth!
  • 100KG

    max load

  • 20KM/H


  • <5H

    charge time

  • 40KM

    mileage range

  • 25Degree


Overwhelming,user-friendly appearence design

Special police boxes for emergency stuff

Available to set up your boxes pattern

Built-in LED night lights,worldwide standard, assume the rider safety in the dingy night

Removable T-bar, convenient and efficient

Pressure aluminum material, retractable, portable.

Aviation grade , aluminum handrail

Capable 100kg load , user-friendly, easy to carry

LED Dashboard, displays the rider status

Remote Control

4-Key To Control 7-Function

Low-altitude pressure tires

Obstacle ability render more stable and smooth

  • Meadow

  • Snowfield

  • Ponding

  • Gravel

  • Vitrolite Tile

12AH*10C special Samsung 18650 battery

10C discharge capacity, 2-3 times better than regular Samsung battery

Electric current output 120A, maximum output power of the battery is 9600W

Security Assurance

Since the day we developed the self-balancing scooter, safety is the significant concern for our research. A3, couples of safety technologies and data accumulation

in the field of self-balancing scooter.What makes the A3 performanceeven better.

  • Limit-speedlimit-speed protection

    When the speed reaches 17KM / H, the front pedal gradually lifts up with the increasing speed, the Bluetooth speaker set off corresponding voice warn

  • low batterylow battery protection

    When the remaining power is less than 15%, four LED will flash meanwhile the vehicle will automatically voice warning

  • rollroll protection

    When the body roll more than 45 degrees, the control system works to stop turning.

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